Vendor / Terms & Conditions

The small print, but there isn't much of it.

The Small Print But, not much of it.

These are the basic requirements that are set forth in the annual agreement between Get Outside Pass and the Vendor.

Yearly Commitment Annual agreement.

Each agreement contains at least one discount which must be redeemable for the entire Get Outside Pass season. If someone buys a pass in May with the expectation of redeeming it during the August vacation, we are not able to cancel the agreement in the middle of the season. This would create a bad situation for both Get Outside Pass and the Vendor. Let's keep those online reviews in tip-top shape!

Pass Redemption Must allow one of these.

Book Online

Many Get Outside Pass vendors are capable of taking bookings online and redeeming the discount via a code in their reservation system. Get Outside Pass will generate a new code for every year that you can place into your booking engine. The Get Outside Pass member will receive this code when they purchase the Get Outside Pass to use with your system.

Book by Phone

Very similar to the online booking systems for vendors. Get Outside Pass will generate a new code every year that can be used by the Get Outside Pass member when they call in to make reservations. The visitor will receive this code when they purchase the Get Outside Pass. The vendor will simply need to know the code each year so that they can confirm the discount.

Show Pass on Phone

Get Outside Pass holders will be able to login using their phone or iPad and view their active passes. Each pass will have contain the name of the passholder, the active pass, and the discount code in an easy to view display. This will be able to be shown to the vendor at their place of business during ticket purchasing or booking.

Print It

For the larger vendors that may not be restricted by availaiblity (resorts, museums, restaurants, etc.), Get Outside Pass holders may simply present the printed pass at the vendor's place of business. The pass will have the full name and contact info of the pass holder in case the vendor wants to confirm the identity by checking another form of ID.

Annual Renewal and Review Is everyone happy?

At the end of every year, we will review how things went during the past season. This is the time when we can really take the time to update the program for the next season and do everything we can to remove any hurdles or hiccups that presented themselves along the way. We will also sign a new agreement for the coming year.

Reporting Yearly GO Pass visitor counts.

We realize that not all vendors may have this capability. Yet, we would love to know the actual number of Get Outside Pass holders that visited your business each season. Even better if we can hone it down to the specific month. Yet, if you are not able to provide us with that data easily, no problem.

Sample Agreement A preview for your review.

This is the agreement that we have with Vendors. There are a few different requirements to be met in the partnership. Each clearly outlined discount is added as an Attachment.

View Sample Agreement